Today’s life becomes too much busy and boring. There is no interesting event in life because of people busy schedule. People spent more hours on work of a day. They have no time for family, friends. This is reason of more diseases to them. If we do not give rest and not enjoy some time for feeling relax then it will give invitation to diseases. If we do not take rest it makes burden on mind and its convert our mind towards bad things like drugs, suicide etc. For removing stress there should be some enjoy full events in life.

Entertainment is important source for take relief from stress. Entertainment is mixture of activities which attract the attention of the people for particular events. When the people feel happy, delightful and stress less from any event, is known as entertainment events. People play many events from which they take happiness from it. Wapdam is one of them.It consists of joyful activity. It is different from other activity such as education, marketing fields. Because these help in learn anything. But this activity helps in removing the stress of other activities.

Some people make their career in entertaining activities to entertain other people. They get specialisation in their field so that they can become different from others and other can get happiness from their activities. There are many famous people who make their career in it such as oldest superstar Charlene Chaplin. He is silent comedian actor who entertains people by his acts. He was born in London and belongs to poor family. He started comedy in age of 16. He started live show in music halls after it in live stage as comedian actor. He was famous actor and composer in silent era. He has name and fame in all World because he gave platform to silent stand-up comedy. He spanned his 75 year of career in stand-up comedy. In 1914 he started as actor in films.

Another famous personality, Mr Bean who has a name in silent comedian, actor after the Charlene Chaplin. The role of Mr Bean played by actor Atkinson. He was also a character who speaks less and entertains people by his activities. This serial gained largest audience by freshmaza.

Now day’s Indian comedian Kapil Sharma gained publicity as stand-up comedian. Kapil is actor, singer as well as comedian in cinemas industry. He was running show Comedy nights with Kapilon channel Colours. In this show he invited many actors for promotionof their upcoming movies. For entertaining people and stars that come in show, he played many games with help of co-stars of shows. He put many punch lines on stars as well as audience of show. Recently he shifts to show The Kapil Sharma on Sony channel with same script of old show.

Sources of Entertainment: –

  1. Listening music:- It is most popular source for enjoyment. When he feel too much bore, we can listen music with own choice. Over internet, all types of music files available, people can listen songs. People mostly listen songs such as Punjabi, Hindi etc. Music is soul of everyone in modern era. Music is applicable in every situation such as Wedding, sadness, romantic and other occasions.
  2. Playing Games: – Game is well structured form of play. It is main source because today everyone has android phones and prefers to play games. Games are developed by developer for earning remuneration. Many games has feature of online play. Many people create group for play game and gain win or loss from it. Some games give chance to user for earning remuneration from it.
  3. Reading: – it is other source of removing sadness and loneliness. Some used to reading many types books related to story, comics, history etc. person who do not want to go out they prefer to read books at home, libraries etc. Itgives more relaxation to our mind and remove our stress.
  4. Television: –It is most useable source by people. It is multimedia device which hold public and entertain them. There are various channels which show movies, serials, games, cartoon, and devotional serials. Children watch cartoon and funny serials. Old age watch devotional and old movies. Youngsters watch romantic and emotional stories movies and serials. There are many shows which give platform to public for showing their talent for E.g. music shows, dance shows, comedian shows etc.
  5. Watching Movies: – People can watch movies for entertain themselves. In modern time people used to go cinemas for watch latest movies on every weekend. There are major two industries such as Bollywood and Hollywood which has major part to enjoy the people. They release many movies for delight the peoples. They are more exited to watch movies of famous stars on waptrick because now day’s movies producer launched premier and trailer of movie before the movie release for attract the customers for watch movies.

At the last we can say that there are many recreation activities which make our life relax. So must enjoy these activities never spent life in sorrow and loneliness.

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