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How to get a fast loan without even leaving your home? Well, we at Astro are going to show you how to do it the best way possible. Nowadays, because of the crisis affecting Brazil, it is quite common to see that the price of general consumer goods such as food and appliances, as well as service goods, are rising madly.

Every day that goes by is enough for inflation to make it harder and harder for the average Brazilian to buy products that until a few years ago were extremely easy to buy. To improve, wages never rise at the same rate as market prices rise, making it much more difficult to try to maintain the basic standard of living.

Unfortunately, unemployment rates are rising very fast, and this situation is affecting more and more homes and families, who find themselves urgently in need of money to pay their debts and emergencies, sometimes even their children’s school supplies.

In such a complicated situation, one of the first ideas that comes to mind is how to get more money quickly and easily without any paperwork. A lot of people will find this impossible, others dangerous, but it’s actually super easy and easy through online loans.

Loans of this type are a safe way to quickly solve your problems, but of course, as long as they are carried out with caution, used with caution at times when financial hardship is mounting.

Many Brazilians get fast loans directly over the internet, without having to deal with any kind of paperwork or delay. If you want to know how to get a fast internet loan, knowing how it works, what precautions you should take and what are the advantages and disadvantages, keep reading us!

What types of fast loans to end your problems

What types of fast loans to end your problems

Loan, in fact, is the generic term used to define transactions where one party grants the other a certain amount, and that second party must repay the money within what is agreed between the parties.

One side gives the money, the other takes it, and then has to pay it back, with or without interest. It’s quite simple, really. However, there are several different types of loans on the market today, and they will vary according to the amount of money, the destination of that money, and the requirements that must be met for the loan to be released. Check out some of the most used loans by the Brazilian public:

  • Payroll loan
  • Personal loan
  • Credit card
  • Home Financing
  • Car financing

Where you can get a fast and secure online loan

Where you can get a fast and secure online loan

To get a secured loan online you will need to go directly to the desired bank or intermediary page, as is the case with Astro Finance. In the vast majority of cases, depending on how much you want to pick up, the process can be done completely online without any effort on your part.

Bank correspondents: Bank correspondent agents are usually legal entities, companies, which are authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to act as a form of intermediary between customers and banks. They facilitate the entire application process.

Usually this type of agency deposits the loan quickly, with less than 48 hours, being an excellent option for those who really need money as soon as possible. Correspondents also generally accept requests from customers who are negative, which is extremely attractive.

Banks: Banks, in fact, are also financial agencies that are authorized by the Central Bank to provide various types of financial services, such as managing a checking account, making various investments, granting various types of loans, and so on.

Banks generally accept applications only from their clients, and these agencies generally do not accept loans to those who are in a negative situation.

How You Can Make a Loan Directly Online

How You Can Make a Loan Directly Online

Astro knows that having to queue up at banks just to make your request is bad. But nowadays you have the ability to place your order directly from the comfort of your sofa without having to waste your time in bank queues.

All you need to get a loan quickly and efficiently is to have a computer with internet access to be able to apply. The first step, no doubt, is to go directly to the financial website of your choice to make your loan and then follow all the steps it recommends. Or you still have the option to do the whole simulation process through our website: it’s completely free! Usually you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Simulate your loan

Financial agencies and banks usually provide loan simulations so you can know in advance what the amount of installments will have to pay for your loan. Make sure this amount really matches what you can afford and all the needs you have with the loan.

  1. Choose the loan that offers you the best value for money

If you are in a bad financial situation, it is good to act with caution and tranquility. Choose your loan calmly, taking into account not only the speed, but also all the cost-effectiveness it offers you over the long term.

  1. Choose your payment method

After you have done a good analysis of your budget, it is time for you to choose the details, such as the date and amount of installments you intend to repay for the loan. You should also remember how much you earn each month as well as your daily expenses and what you can save to avoid negatively affecting your standard of living.

  1. Send all required documents to agencies

Before being released, your credit application is fully evaluated by the financial agency. This assessment is made completely in accordance with the appropriate fulfillment of the requirements that are required. You must register through the site itself and then submit all required documents.

  1. Wait for your credit review

Once you have submitted all the required documents and signed the contract, it is time to consider the credit analysis. The amount requested, your payment method, and all your documents will be assessed by the institution before your loan is truly approved. This credit analysis may take a few hours, or even an entire week, depending on the form and agency you choose.

  1. Make sure the deposit has been made

Once your order is approved, the money will be deposited to your account quickly and efficiently so you can use it with whatever you need.

What are the main requirements for making a loan completely online?

What are the main requirements for making a loan completely online?

No matter what institution you ultimately chose. There are some requirements that will have to be met in order for you to get your loan. In general, banks are much more demanding than agencies when it comes to requirements, however, because of the risk they run, agencies often charge more in fees and interest.

The general requirements for you to be able to make your loan online are: being over 18; Submit required documentation; Proof of income; Proof of address; Bank account.

How is credit analysis done for online loans

How is credit analysis done for online loans

Making an internet loan is quite easy and fast, however, a basic credit analysis is still done before your loan application is approved or not. The analysis serves as an agency check of the risks involved in lending money for you to use.

If so, they see if you are a good payer and if you will repay the borrowed money. After you make your application, the agency will begin to review all the information you need to be able to check if you will fit the ideal profile and have all the conditions to be able to repay the installments of the loan you are applying for.

It is important to remember that the institution wants a safe business also when it is lending you money. During the evaluation phase, the financial company will verify the following characteristics:

  1. All authenticity of the data you have registered will be verified, such as your ID, your name, your Social Security number and others.
  2. It will be checked if your name is on the records of any of the credit protection agencies such as Serasa and SPC, as well as others.
  3. Your ability to handle payment installments will be verified, and this is done through your proof of income and also the form of payment you have chosen.

It will also be checked if your profile fits in with what is formulated by the financial agency, if it agrees with the information that was provided during your request and also with the information collected by the institution itself.

What are the main advantages of making an online loan?

What are the main advantages of making an online loan?

The first advantage, no doubt, is the convenience of ordering. Forget any queue or hassle of moving to the bank’s physical branch. Everything is done online, and you don’t have to want to get off your couch to do that.

The second major advantage is speed. Generally, a loan applied for in person at the bank may take a long time to be released to you. An online loan sometimes takes less than a few hours to fall into your account and you can make use of the requested money right away.

The third advantage is that you will be able to compare different types of loans, in many agencies and banks, all without having to leave home. This advantage is ideal for those who like to get the best deal and don’t have the patience to research thoroughly.

The fourth condition is custom payments. That’s right. Online loans generally offer better deals than those offered in the traditional way, demonstrating personalized payment methods to convince their customers.

And finally, the last quality is practicality. An online loan is one of the best alternatives for those who need urgent cash and have no idea where to get it. Money comes in fast, forms of payment are made easy and you don’t have to be banging your head.

What are the disadvantages of getting a fast and secure online loan?

What are the disadvantages of getting a fast and secure online loan?

Well, the first downside, no doubt, is the slightly higher interest rates. Sometimes they are a little scary, but it is worth remembering that the agency is putting itself at risk to grant this type of fast, secure and easy online loan.

The second disadvantage is that if you plan badly, you will end up with simply huge debt, nowhere to go, and not knowing how to handle the amount that grows month after month. Such a loan requires dedicated and well thought out planning.

Care You Should Take When Lending Over The Internet

Care You Should Take When Lending Over The Internet

Unfortunately, just as happens personally, there are people who want to take advantage of others at all costs through criminal practices. If you are inexperienced or impulsive, think twice or three times before you put in a loan, because if you do not take the necessary care, you may fall into a scam.

This can be completely avoided if you take proper precautions before making your online loan agreement. Here are some things you should do when looking for a loan on the internet:

  1. Beware of very advantageous offers.
  2. Do not make deposits before the loan falls into your account.
  3. Check with the Central Bank if the company is trustworthy
  4. Find out about the company situation with other consumers
  5. Take a careful look at your current budget
  6. Document everything agreed with the agency

A fast loan can help you a lot, but it’s important to keep an eye out for the pitfalls of the market! Count on Astro Finance to broker your loan application and find the best option for you!

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